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“At Cargo Solution Express, Inc. (CSE), we understand the importance of steadfast and efficient transportation when it comes to moving your goods from one place to another. That's why we're dedicated to providing top-notch trucking services that you can count on."

Over 20 years of dedicated transport solutions, we have built a premium brand providing 24-hour freight delivery services through each and every mode. There are a series of factors making a smooth way for your shipments to be delivered in an optimized and organized manner.

Our Expertise

CSE provides superior leverage of being a long-time player in the industry. We take pride in ourselves covering diverse loads of our numerous clients trusting on our services for over 20+ years. Maintaining premium quality and taking care of the definite quantity of loads has been our forte. The expertise has been built with the support of our highly-qualified logistics professionals bringing about several strategies that help our business to continuously flourish every day. Building up smooth pipelines of communication is a crucial factor in defining a hassle-free supply-chain process. From updating our customers about every inch of their shipments to maintaining after-service relations, we have curated trustworthy and reliable relations.

Our Safety Affirmations

We take safety seriously at each and every step of our supply-chain process. That’s why we prioritize safety in everything we do, from selecting the best routes for transportation to ensuring that our equipment is well-maintained and capable to be driven for thousands of miles.

Safety is a well-known commitment that comes with supply-chain operations. Thus, we are always on our feet to provide safe and secure resources for all the partakers involved in specific projects. With safety comes standard fleet management including regular checks and drivers’ real-time updates. Each of the single departments holds regular practices in the safety provisions of CSE.

Road Freight Services.

Cargo Solution Express has received Fair ratings from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations (FMCSA). Regularly monitoring and weekly reports collected by safety departments ensure no carrier is left unchecked before starting their freight delivery journey.

Driver Training & Compliance.

Drivers' appointments are solely based on their experience in the logistics procedures. We take accurate measures on finding the best drivers to plan the shipments with absolutely no delays which supports our mission of on-time delivery. They are well-trained in analyzing their journey through ELD devices installed in their specific vehicles. Including accidental kits, all the required documents are mandatory to be presented when the vehicle is undergoing daily on-the-road inspections.

Tracking and Update.

Our assets are equipped with modern satellite tracking devices to serve real-time shipment updates with the back-end team and our valuable customers. These devices assure the driving hours rules are being followed with utmost care for the respective carriers. Navigation devices are an in-built feature in all our trucks and trailers to navigate through the most efficient routes.

On-the-road Vehicle Safety & Maintenance.

Our fleet management operations go through daily safety checks. These checks include an oil change every 10,000 miles. There has been a compulsion for on-the-site security checks both at the beginning and after the journey. Our services include well-maintained warehouses for unassailable loading and unloading processes. Regarding the hazardous zones? The zones are clearly labeled as a promise of a safe and secure environment for the drivers and other employees present on the premises.

Our Strengths

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