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‘‘Trust us to deliver your detail-oriented shipments with the utmost care and experience the difference with Cargo Solution Express”

The Pathfinders

Cargo Solution Express (CSE) has been supplying dedicated services in the freight carriage Industry. CSE is founded in the City of Huntington Park, CA., by the three Kang brothers, each brother having unique characteristics.

Bobby Kang, the CEO is the eldest brother and is the visionary one, aggressive in nature, fearless, and ingenious with ideas to the point of a supernatural apparition. His intuitive, innovative, and insightful vision is the reason for the rapid and successful growth of CSE.

Baldev Kang, the CFO is the one with the most discipline and brings calmness and tranquility in the highly charged trucking environment. Always composed, organized, and focused, he is tactical in decision making, logical and analytical in finding solutions.

Sammy Kang, the COO is the youngest brother. He is the engine that runs the company and heads the operations department. He is compulsive, relentless, tenacious, and has amazing memory in dealing with the intangibles to fulfill the commitment that we make to our customers. Leading from the front, Sammy is straightforward, pragmatic in nature, and omnipresent at work. He ensures that we stay agile with extreme discipline to adapt to the tumultuous challenges to reset, adjust and remain flexible to create efficiencies that impact the customer's bottom line.

“We will be judged by what we did and not what we said”

Since our inception in 2002, we have continuously refined our operations to produce seamless and efficient supply-chain solutions that outshine your expectations. As a dedicated logistics partner, we strive to provide world-class, customer-centric services that cater to your unique shipping needs. Our company’s fleet consists of state-of-the-art trucks with advanced technology features that help us fortify our position as a leading player in the industry.

Our Mission

With the intent to maintain the steady movement of all the shipments, we are on a mission to be a frontrunner for all your freight consignments. We offer not only over-the-road and rail shipping, but we also have warehousing and distribution capabilities to provide an efficient supply chain. We plan to meet all your load requirements whether it is FTL or LTL. We believe that our success is directly tied to the satisfaction of our clients, and we are dedicated to going above and beyond to exceed their expectations.

The Ultimate Vision

The Kang brother’s strategic move to Fontana, about ½ a mile away from the exit on Interstate 10 Freeway was instrumental in giving the company the leverage and room to grow. Kang brothers always ensured to instill key qualities amongst the employees with the vision to present the best solutions to all our customers. These qualities are: Being energetic, enthusiasm, and quality-focused, customer service & on-time delivery. CSE hired experienced employees with vast knowledge of the transportation industry. Our reliability, rationality, and integrity were the key elements of our surge and progress. Therefore, we strive to continuously improve our services by leveraging the latest technology, processes, and industry best practices. We are committed to upholding the highest standards in safety and customer service, making us your trusted choice for logistics solutions.

Our Values


  • We know customers have many choices, and how we perform will determine if we are their choice.
  • We continuously service and maintain all of our equipment to ensure on-time delivery and our commitment to our customers.


  • Quality is a key factor in the growth of any business. At Cargo Solution Express, we pride ourselves on delivering just that. We realize that attention to detail makes a world of difference in our industry.
  • We are committed to genuinely providing excellent service and take pride in having earned the "Carrier of the Year" award, three consecutive years from one of the most influential and major brokers in the USA.


  • Trust is the foundation from which all relationships prosper. We realize that honesty and integrity go hand in hand. We hold all of our employees to strong moral principles and urge them to have open communication with all of our customers.
  • Our mutually beneficial and dignified partnership with customers is the result of years of solid commitment and support from the customers. This enables and obligates us to provide you with the most cost effective, efficient and courteous solution to all your transportation needs.


  • Quality is a key factor in the growth of any business. At Cargo Solution Express, we pride ourselves on delivering just that. We realize that attention to detail makes a world of difference in our industry.
  • We are committed to genuinely providing excellent service and take pride in having earned the "Carrier of the Year" award, three consecutive years from one of the most influential and major brokers in the USA.

Customer Service

  • At Cargo Solution Express your satisfaction is of utmost importance.We take into consideration that one good or bad customer service experience can change the entire perception a customer holds towards the shipper, hence we instill the customer first culture in our employees to serve you.
  • Your input is highly valuable to us. We listen closely to our customers and always strive for excellence. Your business is appreciated and we look for opportunities to meet and exceed your expectations by providing courteous service.


  • As an asset based carrier we are aware and share a responsibility to ensure the safety of those around us.
  • We require all of our drivers to have a minimum of 2.5 years driving experience and a clear driving record.
  • Our safety department holds weekly meeting in which they train drivers and provide them with safety tips and information to be safe while on the road. We take public safety extremely seriously.
  • We also realize that pollution and air contamination is a concern, therefore over the last couple of years we retired much of our older equipment and replaced them with brand new models which are fully compliant with the California Environmental Protection agency. We are Smart Way certified to minimize our carbon footprint.

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The 5C’s – Dedicated to our success!

In the series of what a customer expects, the first component is to excel in what we do. We constantly monitor market trends and serve the right path for the unique needs of our customers.

From earning the “Carrier of the Year” award by one of the best mid-sized companies in North America in three consecutive years to serving thousands of customers around the major locations, we have been creating long-lasting prints of our dynamism.

We prioritize transparency in our operations, providing shippers with real-time updates on the status of their shipments. This kind of transparency can help shippers feel more connected to the logistics process and can help them make informed decisions about their shipping needs. With state-of-the-art technology at our disposal, we can optimize routings so as to eliminate detours altogether. We not only invest heavily in physical infrastructure such as terminals or trucks but also in systems like automated updates on shipments and GPS-tracking systems to ensure a safe and sound carrier journey.

We offer flexible solutions to our customers as per their requirements. End-to-end transport solutions for every unique shipment. We create multiple options for our customers so that they get what they want, and we get their everlasting support. 

Modern-day supply chain comes with age-old sustainability concerns. With our Smart Way certification that aims at reducing carbon footprint from vehicles, we make sure that our processes and policies are always aligned with environmental standards. Because to work in nature, we have to respect nature!

Our Strategically-Positioned Terminals

With efficiently placed 10 terminals, we assure the top-notch maintenance of our assets to achieve hundreds of milestones through multiple locations.

Our Accreditations

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